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Marry yourself嫁給自己[雙語]
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雙語達人:嫁給自己 Marry Yourself

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

Prepare “soul vows.” These vows were deepest commitment to love, cherish, and deeply care for all parts of yourself in sickness and in health, until your time on the planet comes to an end.
Seeking love outside yourself will never bring fulfillment unless you possess radical, unshakable love for yourself.
With that knowing, these are some of Soul Vows:
I vow to comfort myself during times of hopelessness, despair, depression, disillusionment, or any difficulty that arises.
I vow to be my Beloved always and in all ways.
I vow to never settle or abandon myself in romantic partnerships again.
I vow to live in the faith my life unfolds in mysterious divine perfection.
I vow to honor my spiritual path and create an amazing life whether I am ever legally married or not.
I vow to honor my calling and live my life as a work of art.
Some vows were tender and some fierce—some private, and some to be shared with the world.
All vows were an expression of my soul’s calling and a deep desire to love myself and care for myself at the deepest possible level in all areas of my life.
These vows were the gateway into a life that was deeper, richer, and more connected to my soul’s guidance.

Here are 4 ways to say “I do” to you…

1. Write your soul vows.
1. 寫下你的靈魂誓言
You have a deeply cherished vision for your life, and your soul vows are a way to get it out of your soul and on paper. You could create a video, write a poem, or use fancy writing. Throw yourself a party. Register for gifts! Why not?
2. Create a vision board.
2. 創造一個愿景版
The soul speaks in images. Your soul vows may be magnificently revealed in a vision for your life. Carve out some time to craft a vision board from images that resonate with you. Allow yourself to be intuitively drawn to these images and don’t rely on your rational mind.
3. Sacred jewelry.
3. 神圣的珠寶
Procure a piece of jewelry that has heart and meaning for you, such as a silver heart necklace inscribed: “You make the world a better place.”
A lady actually created a sacred jewelry business after marrying herself. She’s finally found her path after years of meandering.
4. Be witnessed in your sacred vows.
4. 見證自己的神圣誓言
While making a soul vows, perhaps a ceremony with a few close friends? Find a way to have others acknowledge this transformation.
And while the marrying myself was a lovely starting place, it was really just the beginning. In the wise words “Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

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