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英語九百句 English 900 (全六冊)
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英語九百句 第一冊

一、 Greetings 問候語

1. Hello! / Hi! 你好!
2. Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早晨(下午/晚上)好!
3. I'm Kathy King. 我是凱西·金。
4. Are you Peter Smith? 你是彼得·史密斯嗎?
5. Yes, I am. / No, I'm not. 是,我是。/ 不,我不是。
6. How are you? 你好嗎?
7. Fine, thanks. And you? 很好,謝謝,你呢?
8. I'm fine, too. 我也很好。
9. How is Amy / your wife / your husband? 愛米好嗎?/你妻子好嗎?/你丈夫好嗎?
10. She is very well, thank you. 她很好,謝謝。
11. Good night, Jane. 晚安,簡。
12. Good-bye, Mike. 再見,邁克。
13. See you tomorrow. 明天見。
14. See you later. 待會兒見。
15. I have to go now. 我必須走了。

二、Expression In Class 課堂用語

16. May I come in? 我能進來嗎?
17. Come in, please. 請進。
18. Sit down, please. 請坐。
19. It's time for class. 上課時間到了。
20. Open your books and turn to page 20. 打開書,翻到第20頁。
21. I'll call the roll before class. 課前我要點名。
22. Here! 到!
23. Has everybody got a sheet? 每個人都拿到材料了嗎?
24. Any different opinion? 有不同意見嗎?
25. Are you with me? 你們跟上我講的了嗎?
26. Have I made myself clear? 我講明白了嗎?
27. Could you say it again? 你能再說一遍嗎?
28. Any questions? 有什么問題嗎?
29. That's all for today. 今天就講到這里。
30. Please turn in your paper before leaving. 請在離開前將論文交上。

三、Identifying Objects 辨別物品

31. What's this? 這是什么?
32. It's a pen. 是支筆。
33. Is this your handbag? 這是你的手提包嗎?
34. No, it isn't. / Yes, it is. 不,它不是。/是的,它是。
35. Whose pen is this? 這是誰的筆?
36. It's Kate's. 是凱特的。
37. Is that a car? 那是一輛小汽車嗎?
38. No, it isn't. It's a bus. 不,那是一輛公共汽車。
39. What do you call this in English? 這個用英語怎么說?
40. What is the color of your new book? 你的新書是什么顏色的?
41. How big is your house? 你的房子有多大?
42. How long is the street? 這條街有多長?
43. What's the name of the cat? 這貓叫什么名字?
44. Where's the company? 那個公司在哪兒?
45. Which is the right size? 哪個尺碼是對的?

四、About Belongings 關于所有物

46. What's this? 這是什么?
47. It's an air-conditioner. 這是空調。
48. Is this yours? 這是你的嗎?
49. Yes, it's mine. 是的,是我的。
50. Where are my glasses? 我的眼鏡在哪兒?
51. Do you know where I've put my glasses? 你知道我把眼鏡擱哪兒了嗎?
52. Over there. 在那邊。
53. On the desk. 在桌上。
54. Is this your pen? I found it under the desk. 這是你的筆嗎?我在桌下撿的。
55. No. Mine is blue. 不是。我的是藍的。
56. Which is your bag? 哪個是你的包?
57. The bigger one. 大些的那個。
58. The one on your right. 你右邊的那個。
59. Are these books all yours? 這些書全是你的嗎?
60. Some of them are mine. 一部分是我的。

五、Identifying People 辨別身份

61. Who are you? 你是誰?
62. I'm Jim. 我是吉姆。
63. Who is the guy over there? 那邊那個人是誰?
64. He's Bob. 他是鮑勃。
65. Is that girl a student? 那個女孩是學生嗎?
66. No, she isn't. 不,她不是。
67. What do you do? 你是做什么的?
68. I'm a farmer. 我是個農民。
69. What does he do? 他是干什么的?
70. He's a manager. 他是個經理。
71. She must be a model, isn't? 她一定是個模特,不是嗎?
72. I really don't known. 我真不知道。
73. I have no idea about it. 我一點都不知道。
74. Can she be a driver? 她可能是個司機嗎?
75. Yes, I think so. 是的,我認為是。

六、 About Introduction 關于介紹

76. What's your name? 你叫什么名字?
77. May I have your name? 能告訴我你的名字嗎?
78. My name is Thomas. 我叫湯姆斯。
79. Just call me Tom. 就叫我湯姆吧。
80. What's your family name? 你姓什么?
81. My family name is Ayneswonth. 我姓安尼思華斯。
82. How do you spell it? 怎么拼?
83. Who is the lady in white? 穿白衣服的那位小姐是誰?
84. Could you introduce me to her? 你能把我介紹給她嗎?
85. Rose, let me introduce my friend to you. 羅斯,讓我介紹一下我的朋友。
86. This is Tom. He's my classmate. 這是湯姆。我的同學。
87. Nice to meet you. 很高興認識你。
88. Nice to meet you, too. 認識你我也很高興。
89. Let me introduce myself. 讓我自我介紹一下。
90. How do you do? 你好!

七、Year, Month And Day 年、月、日

91. What day is it today? 今天星期幾?
92. It's Monday today. 今天是星期一。
93. What's the date today? 今天是幾號?
94. It's January the 15th, 1999. 今天是1999年1月15日。
95. What month is this? 現在是幾月?
96. It's December. 現在是十二月。
97. What year is this? 今年是哪一年?
98. It's the year of 1999. 今年是1999年。
99. What will you do during this weekend? 這周末你干什么?
100. Does the shop open at 9 am on weekdays? 這家店平日是早上9點開門嗎?
101. It opens at 8 am on weekdays, but at 9 at weekends. 平日上午8點開,但周末9點開。
102. What will you do the day after on next? 后天你干什么?
103. What did you do the week before last? 上上星期你干了什么?
104. I'll work for the next 5 days. 我要工作5天(從明天算起)
105. It's been 5 years since I last saw you. 我已5年沒見你了。

八、Talking About Objects 談論事物

106. Do you have a computer? 你有計算機嗎?
107. Yes, I do. 是的,我有。
108. He has that book, doesn't he? 他有那本書,是嗎?
109. No, he doesn't. 不,他沒有。
110. Do you have any brothers or sisters? 你有兄弟或姐妹嗎?
111. No, I'm a single son. 沒有,我是獨生子。
112. Does your computer have a modem? 你的電腦有調制解調器嗎?
113. Do you have shampoo here? 這兒有香波賣嗎?
114. What a beautiful garden you have! 你的花園真漂亮。
115. Any tickets left? 有剩票嗎?
116. Do you have glue? I need some here. 你有膠水嗎?我這里需要一點。
117. I have some left. 我剩下一些。
118. If you have more, please give me some. 如果你有多的,請給我。
119. Do you have my pencil? 你拿了我的鉛筆嗎?
120. Yes, I have your eraser, too. 是的,我還拿了你的橡皮。

九、Talking About Time 敘述時間

121. What time is it now? 現在幾點?
122. It's two o'clock. 現在兩點。
123. It's a quarter past five. 現在是五點一刻。
124. It's ten minutes to four. 現在差十分四點。
125. It's half past nine. 現在是九點半。
126. It's one o'clock sharp. 現在一點整。
127. It's not four o'clock. 還沒到四點呢。
128. My watch says two o'clock. 我的表是兩點鐘。
129. My watch is two minutes fast. 我的表快了兩分鐘。
130. What's the time by your watch? 你的表幾點了?
131. We must arrive there on time. 我們必須準時到那兒。
132. There are only two minutes left. 只剩兩分鐘了。
133. Can you finish your work ahead of time? 你能提前完成工作嗎?
134. The flight is delayed. 飛機晚點起飛。
135. The meeting is put off. 會議延期了。

十、About Dates 關于日期

136. What day is today? 今天星期幾?
137. Today is Monday. 今天星期一。
138. What's the date today? 今天幾號?
139. Today is May 21st. 今天是五月二十一號。
140. When were you born? 你什么時候出生的?
141. I was born on September 1st, 1976. 我出生在1976年9月1日。
142. What time? 什么時候?
143. You name the time. 你定時間吧。
144. I'll meet you tomorrow. 我們明天見面。
145. Do you know the exact date? 你知道確切日期嗎?
146. Please check the date. 請核實一下日期。
147. What were you doing this time last year? 去年這時候你在干什么?
148. How long will the sale last? 折價銷售多久?
149. Only three days. 僅三天。
150. I'll be back in 5 days. 我五天之后回來。

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